Domestic Violence Help

Domestic violence is one of the most dangerous social and psychological problems in modern society. Its solution is associated, on the one hand, with a change in public opinion towards domestic violence, that is, the implementation of preventive programs and information and educational activities, on the other hand, the provision of timely assistance to victims.

One of the most negative consequences of domestic violence is the trauma of the child’s mental health, even when only the mother is abused.

Another negative result of domestic violence is the copying of violent behavior of parents, which can subsequently lead to severe psychopathological personality manifestations. Moreover, children can identify with both the position of the victim and the position of the rapist. The implementation of such a family scenario is transferred not only to their own families in adulthood, but also manifests itself in various formal and informal groups (school, courtyard company, army).

The solution to the problem of domestic violence in general is possible only with the participation of all government agencies and public organizations, which, by the nature of their activities, directly face cases of domestic violence. These are, first of all, law enforcement and human rights bodies, educational institutions, health care and social protection. You may also address domestic violence nurse.

Even if each of the listed institutions successfully fulfills its functions with the precedent of domestic violence, effective work will only be with coordinated interagency cooperation. In other words, it is necessary to develop an effective model of interdisciplinary response to cases of domestic violence. Such a model should consist of a set of measures and activities carried out in a timely and phased manner.

In the event that a physical assault has occurred, law enforcement intervention is necessary, since a criminal offense is being committed here. But, unfortunately, the legislation considers the fact of beating a wife as a crime only if the victim writes a statement to the appropriate authorities.

Another situation, more common, is when women seek help and support not from law enforcement agencies, but from medical or social institutions.