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Top 10 Most Important Drugs

Lipitor – cholesterol-lowering agent

To lower blood cholesterol level is almost America’s main national objective. The best-selling drug all over the world is aimed at achieving this goal. Increased cholesterol is deposited on the walls of blood vessels, forms atherosclerotic plaques. It results in atherosclerosis, which causes up to 40% of deaths.

The main component Atorvastatin, which trade name is Lipitor, is a representative of a large class of statins. These drugs reduce the activity of the enzyme, which is involved in cholesterol synthesis in liver cells. Statins were discovered in the early 70s by Akira Endo, who was looking for new antibiotics. Endo did not get a penny for his discovery: all the money went to corporations like Merck and Pfizer, each of which developed its own synthetic statin.

It is claimed to cause muscle pain, impotence, depression, and liver problems. There is evidence that it increases the likelihood of breast cancer in women by 12 times.Top 10 Most Important Drugs

Nexium – heartburn remedy

The active substance – esomeprazole – blocks the so-called proton pumps, which create an acidic environment in the stomach. Due to this, the risk of acid getting into the esophagus decreases. It contributes to gradual ulcers’ curing.

Prevacid – heartburn remedy

Heartburn is an extremely severe problem for ever-nervous Americans. The mechanism of action and chemical structure of this medicine are very similar to Nexium. Prevacid is slightly less effective than Nexium, but better combined with medications from different groups.

Advair Diskus – asthma inhaler

It is the best-selling anti-asthma inhaler in the US pharmaceutical market. Advair is a combination of two substances in powder form: fluticasone and salmeterol. But the form of their packaging looks like a small streamlined device. The powder is packaged in doses between two foil tapes. It is charged into a special inhaler. Before each use, you need to raise the can, which punctures one dose. Then powder through the nozzle should be inhaled. There are 60 doses in each device, so this is a dose for a single month.

Singulair – Antiallergic substance

The drug is intended to fight allergy symptoms, as well as for asthma prevention. It works on a new mechanism, different from both steroids and antihistamines. Montelukast binds to the receptors of leukotrienes, signal molecules involved in the processes of inflammatory and allergic responses. As a result, the leukotriene signal system stops working which contributes to better patient’s condition.

Effexor XR – antidepressant

Effexor XR takes the leading place among antidepressants in the United States of America. Like other antidepressants, venlafaxine has a lot of disadvantages and side effects. Its discontinuation causes the most severe withdrawal syndrome among all drugs in this group. The risk of suicide increases by 2-3 times. The letters XR in the trade name indicate a delayed-release drug. After taking one tablet per day, the active substance enters the body gradually, which reduces unwanted effects and prolongs the therapeutic effect.

Plavix – blood clotting agents

Plavix is a blood pressure drug which action is aimed at preventing the formation of blood clots. The main active ingredient is clopidogrel, a substance that reduces the tendency of platelets. This medication helps patients recover faster after the heart muscle damage caused by an acute violation of the blood supply to the heart. This violation is caused by arterial thrombosis, acute cerebrovascular accident, accompanied by a sudden loss of consciousness and paralysis, diseases of the peripheral arteries. It also results in the risk reduction of heart complications. Consequently, the mortality rate is reduced.

Zocor – cholesterol-lowering agent

Zocor is a drug from the class of statins. It lowers cholesterol by the same mechanism as Lipitor. Zocor was the first statin widely used in medicine. It is effective and prescribed for achieving the main goal.

Norvasc – lowering blood pressure agent

Norvasc is the most modern representative of the dihydropyridine group used in cardiology. These medicines are used to treat high blood pressure and coronary heart disease. They block calcium pumps in the cells, expanding blood vessels and thereby reducing blood flow resistance. The drug is 80 times more effective on blood vessels than on heart tissue. Therefore it almost does not weaken the activity of the heart muscle.

Lexapro – antidepressant

The history of escitalopram began in 1989, with the release of the drug – Citalopram. This antidepressant was very successful and brought huge revenue to its manufacturer – Forest Laboratories. In 2003, the patent expired and the generic company developed and patented Lexapro (escitalopram). It is actually one of the two optical isomers of citalopram.